Commercial Real Estate

Charleston’s Commercial Tenant Advisor: The commercial real estate industry is supply-driven and generally, landlord-centric. Choice Realty levels the playing field to serve commercial tenants and buyers by helping clients make informed decisions, choose locations wisely, and save money and time. Commercial Tenant Representation is Choice Realty’s Core Competency.

Conflict-Free Negotiations: Choice Realty represents you and your Company and we are held accountable and responsive to your needs based on a thorough Needs Analysis that we review with you in the initial strategic planning stage. Our focus in on your Company and in exceeding your expectations.

Knowledge is Power: Choice Realty has access to valuable market data, industry contacts, and transaction histories to ensure competitive advantage. Knowledge and action equates to power, and power lends itself to strong negotiating leverage. We help you determine your BATNA (best alternative to negotiating an agreement, see the book titled, Getting To Yes) to ensure intelligent choices and smart real estate decisions.