Corporate Advisory Services

  • Lease Abstracts & Lease Reviews: Oftentimes, a Lease Agreement is 40+ pages of confusing legalese. Our abstracts cut through to the core and condense the information into a concise report.

Critical Dates: Receive user-defined email notifications of Lease “events” such as burn-off of letters of credit; exercise of option dates, expiration dates; rate escalations; CPI adjustments

Document Management: Using our web-based docs management system, we provide password-protected client access to contacts, critical clauses and options, recurring charges and information on security deposit(s).

Lease Details: The details are condensed with information related to abatements, allowances, insurance, late fees, notices and other charges

  • Leasing or Purchasing: See our section in Commercial Tenant Solutions. 


  • Transaction Schedules & Timelines: see our section under Find Commercial Space tab.


  • Demographic & Lifestyle Research: Based on the profiles of the people that your company provides services/products or who work at your company, we provide detailed demographic and lifestyle data including age, education, income, and lifestyle characteristics to assist in site selection and location preferences.


  • Strategic Space Programming: Working with multi-location clients on national space requirements, one of the long-term planning initiatives we implement is establishing basic space standards. This provides more control over interior space planning and reduces time and efforts spent in decision making.



Acquisitions / Dispositions

  • Sales / Purchases
  • New Leases
  • Subleasing
  • Renegotiating Leases
  • Lease Dispute Resolutions
  • Lease Renewals
  • Lease Buy-Outs
  • Sale & Leasebacks
  • Multiple Location Transactions

Ancillary Corporate Real Estate Services

  • FF & E Preferred Vendor Selections
  • Commercial Real Estate Lenders
  • Lease Review & Critical Date Checklists
  • Employee Benefits Analysis
  • Property & Casualty Insurance Analysis
  • Corporate Art Collections (London-based consultant)
  • Staging Property Sales & Subleases (experienced interior decorator on our staff)